Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Day

Alright friends of the blog, God has given us a new day, so lets make the most of it. What are you going to do today? Diet, exercise, work, drink water :( , Bible study tonight, live, laugh, love.
Wow that sounds like a good day, don't ya think?

Ok Nikki what's with you not blogging? I miss it, so get with it! HA HA HA

I hope everyone has a blessed day.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks for your comments! We have basically laughed all weekend about this sad situation, what else can you do. I just told Nikki I should change the name of my blog as is seems there is nothing simple in my life.

Jennifer's grandmother died last night. As hard as it is for the family, I feel that it is a blessing from God. She is no longer suffering - Praise God! Please keep this family in your prayers.

Time to get to work. I hope everyone has a blessed day.

Life, Laugh, Love,

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Busy, yet interesting day

Will here I sit again wishing I could just sleep. It is now 1:00 am. You would think I would be use to this by now, but it gets really old. Since everyone is in bed I must be quiet, shhhhhh! So it's my laptop and me. Surfing the Internet....... I have read several blogs at this point and am most interested in the information that Joan has on hers about ways to communicate with our soldiers. If you have not looked at these sites, check them out. I find it very neat that you can send them cards and actually adopt a soldier. I did send card to a soldier. Thanks Joan for sharing.

Today was a busy day. I have cleaned house, washed clothes, buffed my hardwood floors, been to the drug store, been to Wal-mart and then to the grocery store. I also spent several hours working on church things. I had to take advantage of all of that energy I had and it was well spent. You would think that I would be tired by now.

On the entertainment side of life my sister-in-law gets the award today. She took her 5 year old son to his basketball game today at Liberty. They played a team from Forest Hill. Now let me tell you that Forest Hill won the game 50-2. It seems that wasn't enough for the Forest Hill coach - he cussed the kids during the game, oh and not his team but my nephew's team. Why I have no idea, he was winning. Anyway several of the parents and my nephew's coach had ask him to please refrain from the bad language. He did not. Apparently he continued to cuss the kids and made the mistake of cussing my nephew. OMG (gosh) my sister-in-law was not happy. She went to him and ask that he please stop the cussing and one thing lead to another. He called her many unpleasant names (oh they were bad). I must mention at this point that the coach for Forest Hill was black, not that it matters, but to him it did because he told my sister-in-law that she must be one of the F!!!!!! skank W!!!!! that voted for John McCain so a black man would not be the president. OH NOT GOOD! She hauled off and decked him, putting him on the floor with tears in his eyes. WOW!!! who knew she had it in her. Soooooo he took papers out on her and in turn she took papers out on him. Now that have a court date. Oh, the coach also threaten to kill one of the parents, who also took papers out on him. Ohhh what a day! I have yet to figure out what the president had to do with a 5 year old basketball game in Morganton, NC. Go figure!!!

I am really concerned about this man. Why oh why do you cuss 5 yr olds? Why do you set such a terrible example for the kids? And why do you bring racism into it? I just don't get any of it. He really needs some help and some prayers.

On a different note, Jennifer's (Jim's girlfriend) grandmother has been placed in Hospice care and it is just a matter of time. Please pray for this family as you know they are sad.

Well that pretty much sums up my day. God has blessed me today as he does everyday. All I have to do is look around and I can find so much that God has blessed me with. Some blessings that unfortunately are taken for granted. We do indeed have an awesome God who thankfully gives us an unconditional love.

God bless!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Venting, what I do best...(Revised)

Earlier this morning I was in a teasy. I wanted to scream, shout, yell, jump up and down, again, again and again. I am an adult, I only need to be told something once (not 2, 3 or 4 times). If I don't get it I will ask you. I can READ on my on. A long narration is not necessary, a simple "get to the point" statement works for me. I do not need directions on something that I have done for the past 7 years. If I don't have it by now, I shouldn't not be here. And last but not least, does anybody have any spare duck tape??

I did have lunch with a great friend, who allowed me to vent and I must say I do feel much better. Thanks goodness! Thanks my little clown friend.

A Clown's Prayer

As I stumble through this life,
help me to create more laughter than tears,
dispense more cheer than gloom,
spread more cheer than despair.

Never let me become so indifferent,
that I will fail to see the wonders in the eyes of a child,
or the twinkle in the eyes of the aged.

Never let me forget that my total effort is to cheer people,
make them happy, and forget momentarily,
all the unpleasantness in their lives.

And in my final moment,
may I hear You whisper:
"When you made My people smile, you made Me smile."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


For Christmas I received a gift certificate for a facial and massage. Well today was my lucky day. I got a facial, massage and special wrap for my hands and feet. Ohhh I am telling you I felt like a queen. I was so relaxed, ahhhhh!!! When I was finished Kelly ask if everything was ok and was there anything I needed. I said, could you give me one more hour? She laughed and said sure. I had been there for two hours already. I felt so refreshed and after the blah mood I have been in I so needed that.

Also, I have decided to call that blah mood "blahville." Sounds like a ghost town, don't ya thing? Anyway the good news is I am leaving Blahville. Yea!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's with the Mood?

Will I have to admit that I and some others that I know have been in a strange mood. I suppose it's the "Blahs" or whatever you want to call it. Oh I hate this mood, it's almost like you have no control over your mood, you just want to go to bed and cover up your head. Yuck!! What do you do about it??? Anyway the snow helped some - because we all know I love the snow. But it is still there, that strange mood. I can't decide what to call it, but I will find a name. All I know is that I wished it would go away.

Also, today I was thinking about my lack of motivation, which wasn't helping my mood. I want to exercise, feel better and lose weight. I have no motivation! What's with that? the girls at work and myself devised a plan to get motivated and hold us accountable. It's a win win situation. We will be held accountable to each other and pay up when we are not. All money we pay in will be given to a needy program. Nikki, having a creative mind, has named our plan "Cloud's Biggest Losers." I think she chose that name because it will be us either way we go. If this doesn't work for me, then I am joining WW.

Cheer us on!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Let it Snow!!!

Ok I must say I am so excited - woohoo it's snowing!! I have been waiting so long for this. If we only get 1-2 inches that will be enough. I love the beauty of the snow. After a snow have you ever gone outside and just looked and listened? It is absolutely beautiful - everything is peaceful, pure and still. It's just one of those things that warms my heart. It's an awesome blanket of white. God gives us a world of beauty in so many different ways.

Yesterday we went to Linville Falls - I know, are we crazy or what? Yes it was cold, but so worth the trip. There was snow on the rocks in the river and along both sides of the river, icicles hanging from rocks, absolutely breath taking. I do have pictures and hopefully will soon be able to put them on my blog. Then on to Sugar Mountain so the guys could go skiing. It was fun family time, enjoying God's handiwork.

Hope all have a good night and safe travel tomorrow. God Bless!

Live, Laugh, Love

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Check out my blog!

WooHoo! I have spruced up my blog. Honestly, what do you think? Everyone has these bright and pretty blogs and I thought I needed to change mine. I'm not sure if it's me, but I'm gonna try it for awhile. It took me forever to find one, I only looked at about 300 - Seriously. I never realized there was so much that you could do to your blog. Wow, it's like shopping for clothes and accessories. Does this go with that or that with this???? It's been fun, but like shopping I'm getting a little tired of looking.

Once again it's freezing outside and you know my thought, if it's gonna be cold it better SNOW!! The guys are going skiing tomorrow evening. I think I might tag along to observe - sit in the warm, look out the window and watch everyone fall. It's such great entertainment. Plus I get to see some snow, play in the snow and then run to the warm lodge. Now that's my idea of a great ski trip. HA HA HA!

We are getting ready to attend a 60th birthday party for our neighbor. Should be lots of fun. Hope everyone stays warm and has a great weekend.

Live, Laugh, Love

Friday, January 16, 2009

Brrrrrrrrrr...............'s cold, but at least the wind isn't blowing today. I am in a blahhhhh mood. Just wanna go home, put on my jammies, crawl into my warm bed and read. Should I fall asleep that would be ok too. I just started a new Debbie Macomber book and am looking forward to reading it. Maybe later this evening I can do this, but you know what happens when you get home - there is always something to do.

I have Mexican Chicken soup in my crock pot. Ummmm! It's great, especially for a cold day like today.

Well lunch is over, back to work. I hope everyone has a blessed day.

Live, Laugh, Love!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well it has been a while since I have had the chance to blog. Man I miss it. I have been really busy finishing year end paperwork at church, using a new computer program that I am not totally comfortable with. But I did it, Hip Hip Hooray! A huge challenge complete.

I have been reading some of your blogs and I find another challenge---CableCarr wants us to memorize scripture together. OK I am up for it, however since today is the 14th, I will shoot for the 1st to post my first scripture. Great idea, Thanks for the challenge.

I love reading church signs. I pass a church everyday on my way to work and always enjoy reading their sign. This week it reads "Lose the weight of sin this year." WOW, now that's throwing out a challenge.

Our church is starting two study groups next week. I plan to attend the study of Revelations and am pretty excited about this study challenge. The women study group is going to read "The Shack" and have discussion. I have tried to read "The Shack" and I just can't get past the 1st chapter. I hear others have had this problem also, which makes me feel a little better because this book was highly recommended to me.

One more challenge....this past weekend a family friend said some hurtful things about my family and myself. Now my first thought was to approach this person and have a chat. Why would she say these things??? I just didn't get it. OK - breathe, ponder, breathe some more. The devil is working hard on me, breathe some more. And then......God said Donna give this to me. So I ....Let Go and Let God! I feel much better. Praise God!

I do have a concern..... My Aunt Linda (moms sister) has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia. She is not doing very well. I ask that you please keep her and her family in your prayers. I would so appreciate it.

Thanks to all my blogging family - you are the BEST!

Live, Laugh, Love

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ouch! Oops!

Your opinion you suppose that you have been on the Internet for toooooo long, when your husband says "Goodnight" and you say oh don't leave me sitting in the living room alone and he says your not along you have your computer. Ouch! Ok whats an internet surfing junkie to say?? Oops! Ugh! I can't help it, it's so additive. LOL! Well I do feel a little bad about it, but it's Nikki's fault because she got me into blogging. Shame on you - Nikki!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Many questions.....

God has so graciously given me another day on this earth. What will I do with my day? Will I speak of God with passion? Will I worship God today and do the things he would have me do? Will I eat healthier today? Will I exercise today? How will I handle those who are determined to make my day a mess? Will I have patience today?

Will I Live, Laugh and Love?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Weekend

Today started out great. Church was awesome. Our pastor spoke of Commitment to God and how we should have passion when speaking of God. Our pastor spoke with passion himself as he delivered this great sermon. Lots of wet faces in the congregation.

After lunch I had a huge headache. I had to take meds and go to bed. Two hours later I felt much better, thank goodness. Oh well not how I wanted to spend my day. That's the worst headache I have had in a while, who knows what brought it on.

Over all I had a good weekend. Will, I believe I will read for a while and then watch Brothers and Sisters. I love that show - it makes me laugh to see how they deal with their constant family drama. I know it's only TV, but it makes me feel like I am not so abnormal.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


As I start the Saturday cleaning, I am wondering just how much junk can 4 people accumulate? It is crazy at all of the junk I have to dust around, move around and wished I could pack up and give to Good Will. As I look at the junk I realize how much money we have wasted and wonder what better use we could have made with the money. Ok most of it is not junk, but you know the stuff you think you can't live without only to found that you only use it once or twice. Am I complaining, I suppose I am. I should be happy that I have junk!! My 3 guys are pack rats and I can't stand that. Ohhhhhh it drives me crazy!!

Ok enough whining...............on with the cleaning. This could take a while and I do have other things I would like to do today.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I am tired!!!!!!!!

The day has been spent taking down the Christmas tree and packing up all of the Christmas decorations. That takes forever. Then comes the cleaning up after everything has been put up. Those needles from the tree were everywhere and I bet I will still find some in a week from now. My sweet husband helped me with everything - wasn't that nice of him? :) We have had a good day together and what a great way to start the new year - together! Soon it will be time for dinner. What to fix? or Where to go? I think I can make the decision of where to go much easier. I am too tired to cook.

The boys are at Wilmington enjoying the sun and visiting with friends. Travis called home to say that is going to marry Brooke from "One Tree Hill." You do know that Wilmington is where they film One Tree Hill. He sent me a text picture of "Clothes over Bros" which is the store that Brooke owns on One Tree Hill. I think he is dreaming big, but it is his dream who am I to spoil it for him.

Hope everyone had a great first day of 2009.