Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

His Mysterious Ways

Yesterday I was off from work, so I took my Mom and we went shopping. I had a coupon from Family Christian Book Store and I can always find something there. I was looking for a bag to carry my stuff for church and I find one that I really like. If you have ever been in this store you know that when you check out they have Child Sponsorship cards representing kids that need sponsors. The program is through World Vision. I have always wanted to sponsor a child but just never did it. Yesterday I ask a few questions and decide to make my move. I picked a child from Zimbabwe. Her name is Thenjiwe and she is 10 years old. I was so excited and felt really good about it.

Anywho, as I was checking out and doing the necessary paperwork, the clerk told me that Thenjiwes card had been there for some time now, mostly because people usually picked younger children. He told me that the day before he and a co worker had prayed that some one would soon pick Thenjiwe. So he was excited that God answered his prayer and I am so glad that God used me to answer this prayer and to sponsor this child.

Our God does work in mysterious ways. Praise God!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I must admit that I am happy as can be today, but summer usually does that to me. It's my Friday at work, YAY!! I plan to clean the house tomorrow and be by the pool as much as possible on everyones drama will have to wait until another day : )

This morning I sit outside for a short time and listened to the birds. It was awesome music to my ears. I have actually being doing this for over a month now. I love it......that special time gives me the opportunity to reflect on God's blessings. You know he really is amazing. What a creator - just look around. AWESOME!!

I hope your day is good and filled with many blessings!

Live, Laugh, Love

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just sharing!

Good News! I have officially lost 25 lbs, YepPee!! It has taken many months, but I have finally reached the goal. I am, however, considering losing 5 more lbs. It would be my safety net.

And I am back in business with a cell phone. My old one died from Diet Coke poisoning. I never knew how much I would miss that thing if I didn't have it with me. But the worse part is that I lost all of my contact numbers and I had a lot. That will never happen again (hopefully) because I am going to use the Verizon backup plan.

It's been really hot and humid lately and today will be no different. I truely would love to go home change into by bathing suit, go to my mom's and lay by the pool all day. a good book, swim and/or take a nap in the shade. Oh would that not be heavenly???

Ugh, back to work!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bloggy makeover

So I have not been really good at blogging lately, but I have been good at reading blogs lately. After surfing the bloggy atmosphere I have decided that I need a much needed blog makeover. Changing my blog look is not easy for me. It takes time and patience (which I don't have much of). Plus my Internet at home is not the best. Sigh! I am thinking of having someone re invent my blog. Then I wonder about the expense. I have no idea how much a bloggy makeover is. And then I might just make some simple changes myself. Who knows?

Psssssstttt! I am work and I so want to go home..........another SIGH!