Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day!

Woohoo the sun is out and it's gonna be a beautiful day. The hubby and son 1 are gone with friends to ride 4 wheelers all day. I wish I could have gone - but considering I just had surgery, I better stay home. Son 2 is outside planting flowers - he has the green thumb, not me. I am not allowed to touch the flowers. I can only buy them, HeHeHe.

A little cleaning, then outside to enjoy this day!

Live, Laugh, Love

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sunshine :)

The rain has stopped and the sun is shining. Although I love the rain, I must admit I am excited to see the sun today. Hopefully it will be a sunny weekend - I am ready to hang out by the pool and get some Vit D.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home alone

It's Saturday and I am home alone. The boys are gone to Charlotte for a w/end camping event and the race on Sunday night. The hubby is in the hay field (again) today. So what's a girl to do? Well a "little" cleaning, nothing major since I am still on "light" duty after surgery. You would think I had a major surgery, ha! So it's clean, rest, clean, rest, clean, rest. Enough already - I think I might go to Wal Mart in a little while - that should wake me up.

It's a beautiful day outside, so I might sit outside and read my book - now that sounds like a great idea.

After reading blogs, I decided to make a list of 10 of my favorite things. Here goes..............

1) spending time with my family and friends.
2) reading a really good book.
3) summer days by the pool at my parents house.
4) the salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays.
5) my job, I really do love it.
6) diet coke
7) riding 4 wheelers
8) God's unconditional love.
9) people watching - it's very interesting.
10) SNOW!! and rain. yes I do like snow.

Have an awesome weekend!

Live, Laugh, Love

Monday, May 18, 2009

Under the influence of Morphine

Have you ever been around someone who is under the influence of Morphine? They say and do things totally out of character. Well...............apparently I am no exception. HeHeHe!!

Last Monday when I was having my gallbladder attack, I went to the ED. Upon arrival they started an IV, injecting Morphine and Zofram (nausea med). It did help with pain and nausea, but also influenced my attitude. My family has reported to me the things that I said, oh my.

Ok, the ED doc comes in after a while and tells me he thinks I might have a virus (thinking to myself, oh please) and later comes back and says it may be gas. Well I preceded to tell him that I did not have $#&@# gas and even I knew that!!! Oh dear...........

Next my pastor and his wife come over to see me while awaiting my results. They are really sweet people, but the pastor's wife talks and talks and talks. I don't know how she talks that much without breathing. It really is annoying under normal circumstances. Apparently I ask that they put duck tape over her mouth because she is talking too much and I can't take it. OUCH!!! LOL!!! HeHeHe.

And then............(yes there is more) Dr. C comes by to see me before surgery and I tell him to be sure he washes his hands because I don't want MRSA (infection)! OMG! LOL!!!
Thank goodness, they said he just chuckled. I am sure he has heard worse.......or at least I hope he has. Not only that, this man is my boss.

What can I say?? I was under the influence of MORPHINE!!

Monday, Monday

Woohoo, I got to work 1/2 day today, then home to rest and recover from surgery. I would much rather be at work, but doctor knows best (I guess). I found out today that I should be working 1/2 days the rest of the week, urghhhhh. Hopefully by Thursday, I can stay all day (fingers crossed). I am not much at sitting or laying around when I feel fine.

One week out from surgery, I guess I should be happy all went well and I am feeling better. And I really am thankful, but bored.

Good news from all of this is that I have lost 6-7 pounds (the hard way). Not exactly how I planned to start my diet, but hey whatever works. Now I need to keep it up, without being sick of course.

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes. God Bless!


Friday, May 15, 2009


Yay, Friday is here. I go to the doc today for my post-op visit (which happens to be the doc I work for). Hopefully can go back to work soon. I am doing pretty well I think.

Yesterday, thanks to the DVR, I watched last weeks episode of Grey's Anatomy. I missed it since I was in NYC roaming around. Then last night was a 2 hour special. Oh my, Izzie is getting surprise there. But unidentifiable patient comes in thru the ED with major issues (his face is beyond recognition). As it turns out it's George...OMG!! Great show last night.

I have been sleeping on the couch, since I have a water bed. So when the hubby goes to bed last night he makes me get into my make shift bed and "tucks" me in. Oh, isn't that sweet? Then by the time Grey's goes off, I had been up for a rest room break, so Travis is going to bed and he "tucks" me back in. HeHeHe. You have to admit that's cute. They do love me!! (good thing that Jim was already in bed)

Praise God for a good recovery and a wonderful family.

Live, Laugh, Love

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Two days after surgery and I am doing well, but I am so bored. Can't do very much around the house - I am still pretty sore. As they say - "this to shall pass" - but not fast enough for me. Thanks everyone for your calls and words of healing.

Praying for Nikki, Chad and Johanna today - they are going to the specialist to see how Johanna is doing. Johanna has Trisomy 18. I am sure this is going to be a tough day for them, but God will be with them. Hugs you guys :)

Well back to the sofa, ugh!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

5 busy days in my life...........

We left last Thursday for a long w/end vacation in New York. I had to fly on a 50 passenger "crop duster", something that my "sneaky men" (hubby and son) failed to tell me. Our flight was at 1:05 pm. After 3 flight delays we finally got to leave at 5:15 pm.

New York is incredible, fascinating and busy. The taxi rides are everything you hear they are, sped, horn blowing and racing with other taxi drivers - time is money. I could not find one taxi that didn't have a "racing mark" on it.

New York has so much to see and do. But be prepared to spend money - nothing is cheap (not even McDonald's). Everyone should go at least once.

I accomplished so much on this trip - Rode in a 50 passenger "crop duster" , stayed on the 32nd floor of our hotel with an elevator that moved extremely fast. Rode the subway, rode in an underwater tunnel, and "drum roll" went to the very top of the Empire State building, 102 floors, WOW! It took 3 "creepy" elevators to get there. We stayed busy exploring NY and had so much fun.

All in all it was a wonderful trip. NY is a great place to visit, but I could not live there. I don't know how they have managed to cram so much into one place.

We arrived home safely and tired on Sunday evening and needed a good night sleep.

Monday morning I wake up at 5:30 am in horrible epigastric pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. After about an hour we called Dr. C and went to the ER. They drew blood and shot me up with Morphine and Zofram. The ER doc said I probably had a virus. OH PLEASE, you have got to be kidding me. Even I knew better than that. After a while Dr. C shows up and orders a gallbladder US. Surprise (not really) I have gall stones. So surgery is scheduled at noon (sorry office girls). Everything has gone very well. Hoping I can go back to work soon. I am not much into laying around. Oh yeah, sure am glad the gallbladder attack didn't happen in NY.

Live, Laugh, Love

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New York

Tomorrow is my big day. We are flying :( to New York. I am excited about "being" in New York, but the flight getting there is where I get "a lot" jittery. I have only flown twice - to and from Cancun last year. I am sure I will be fine (with the help of drugs), but oh the dread - makes my stomach hurt. Isn't that silly?

Travis will be going with the hubby and I. As a matter of fact, Travis is the one who booked everything. We are staying at the Sheraton in Times Square - lots of action. I ask Travis where we were landing and he said in the "Hudson." Can you believe he actually thought that was funny? Imagine how that made me feel.

Anyway, I have never been to New York, so I look forward to the trip. So much to see!!

Ok, keep me in your prayers. I am nervous, but don't tell the hubby or Travis - I will never hear the end of it.

Live, Laugh, Love

Monday, May 4, 2009

I had an awesome weekend. We celebrated my nephew's 6th birthday. His name is Zion and when he was born he had problems with one of his kidneys. He has had several surgeries and is doing great. Praise God! If you would have seen him at the party you would never know that he had ever been sick. Again, Praise God!

In my devotional reading this morning I read Psalm 49:16 - The Lord says, "See I have engraved you on the palms of my hands." How awesome is that? Sometimes in the rush of life I don't always take the time to praise God as I should. But isn't it nice to know that God is ALWAYS there for me and for you. How wonderful to know that God has me and you engraved in the palms of his hands. WOW!

I believe this is going to be a great day! Just look outside at Gods handiwork. AWESOME!

Live, Laugh, Love