Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Is it really....

.....Friday already?? This week has been like a breeze blowing by, fast! Today I leave to go to the beach with part of my family and extended family. Yes, I know there is a tropical storm at the coast, but hey this family is always ready for some excitement. I really should be excited, but honestly I don't want to go. I feel so blah today and not in the mood to drive for 5 hours to enjoy the rain.

My Mom is going with us and although I really want her to go, I am concerned about how well she is going to do. Her sister died this week and mom is having a hard time. Lots of crying, lots of anger, lots of mood swings and as we all know sometimes we channel that anger toward the ones we love. I will be the receiver of these mood swings and I am not sure I can handle that this weekend. But I will do what I have to do.

AAAGGHHH! Life is so hard sometimes. Is there ever a day where there is no drama? I can't seem to find one lately.

Perhaps this will be a great fun filled weekend. Usually the things you dread the most, often turn off to be ok. (I'm hoping)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A little sad today :(

Today, my aunt (my Mom's sister) who has been suffering from leukemia, went home to be with the Lord. Although it's hard to let go, I know that she is in good hands. She has been in the hospital since last Tuesday. It has been a long tiring sad week for the family. As I visited with her on Saturday and watched her struggle to breathe, I prayed that God would take her and that she would no longer suffer. I hope you don't think that this wrong, but I know that God has a better home for her without suffering and being sick.

Last night my Mom and I visited with my aunt for many hours and she was much worse. My heart just broke. Once again I prayed that God would no longer let her suffer, but take her to be in his loving care. I also prayed that God would give the family peace and understanding through this difficult time.

This morning God did take my aunt, although I am sad, I rejoice in knowing that she is with our loving God. I rejoice that she will no longer suffer.

Thank you God for always being there!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've been bad

I had lab work drawn the other week when I went for my physical at the GYN's. Cholesterol is up, Blood sugar is up, weight is up (no shocker there). Anyway off to the my PCP - hmmm, he says you have gained some weight. Ah, yes I have. Your cholesterol is up. Ah, yes I know. Just give me the "talk" and prescriptions and let me out of here. I have already beat my own self up about this.

You need to go on a diet and exercise everyday. Cut down on calories and carbs. Yes sir, I know and I will. I am going to give you Lipitor for your cholesterol and increase your Synthroid meds. I want to see you back in one month.

Needless to say, I have a lot to do in one month. I've been so bad and have allowed stress to run by life. So I am stepping up and getting with it. Pushing myself to exercise more and eat less. Sounds so easy, but as most of us know, it's difficult.

Here's to better health!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yay it's Wednesday

It's a beautiful day. The sun is shining, not too hot. I am going to have a good day today and I mean it. No drama today, you can bring it on, but I am looking over you. Life is way too short to be having bad days.

Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Full Day

This day has been so FULL. Work was busy, busy, busy. Another 7 pm night :( Church drama - shocker! Calls, Calls, Calls - please stop calling me! My aunt is sick and is in ICU - things are not going well, please keep her in your prayers.

Tonight I sit here and go over the day in my mind. There are some things I just have to laugh about because I certainly can't change it. Obviously there are things I need to pray about.

I am so tired...............please Lord make my mind rest!


OM gosh - my pastor and a fellow church goer are making sneaky remarks on facebook. It pertains to a meeting we had yesterday, unless you were at the meeting you wouldn't know what they were talking about. But for those of us who were there, it's a stab.

I can't believe it!!


I am feeling a little blah today. Why you ask? Yesterday at church the finance committee had to announce one of the cut backs we have made in the budget. Which was that of the secretary's position - she works 20 hrs per week and her hours were cut to 10 hrs per week. This is only one of many cuts we have made. Anyway, it is not a good feeling to have to do this because you know this will effect her and her family. It was not personal, it was business.

The amazing part is how much blame has been placed on the Finance Committee because of this. Hello - you, the church elected the Finance Committee and unfortunately this is our job. To oversee the budget and make changes that are best for the financial outcome of the church. I am truly hurt at some the comments that were made. Even my pastor put a comment on Facebook yesterday that makes me wonder if he was talking to the finance committee. He said "I know that God is in control even if evil seems to be winning." He was not for this particular change.

Church drama - I am sick and tired of it. Should it really be this way at church???

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wedding Crap

As you my know, my oldest son J is engaged. It is 27 (soon to be 28). He recently moved out our house into an apartment. Anyway, back to the wedding crap. He and G/F decided to get married at the beach in September 2010. Sounds far. My other son, T, is the best man and G/F's brother is the only groomsmen. A small wedding, which is what they wanted and is great. They have been engaged for about 5 or 6 wks. Ever notice how people turn into PIA's about weddings.

So here goes the story thus far: Wedding at the Beach - hubby and I have a farm and can not always go as we would like. There is no way to know at this time if we will even be able to go to the wedding, which really sucks. We have a poultry farm and when the chicks are at a certain age it requires us to stay close to home. The wedding will take place 5 hours aways from us.
The hubby said we will work it out. I know that there's a 50/50 chance it want. Not great odds.

Best Man - I am totally disappointed that hubby was not ask to be the best man. This man has worked 2 jobs all of our married life to make sure everyone in the family is provided for. J played ball, which is an expensive sport. J went on to play ball in college (a private college). Even though he did get scholarships, we paid the rest so he would have no debt when he got out of school. We worked hard (mostly the hubby with 2 jobs) to make this happen. And yes we did without some things so this could happen. Now don't you think hubby deserves to be the best man?

Best Man Part 2 - T (other son) was ask to be the best man, which is great. If they don't want hubby to do it and I am pleased that T was ask. All through my grumbling about it being at the beach and the possibly that we want be able to go, T has reminded me that it's their wedding and they should do what they want. (Slap me on the wrist, put me in my place, OUCH!)

Small wedding - getting bigger and more complicated. Thus starts coming the problems.

Wedding dress - G/F and her mom having been looking for a wedding dress. And no I was not invited to participate in this adventure :) I was sure I would be because I thought G/F and I were pretty close. Ah, maybe not. G/F texts me and lets me know that she found a dress and she loves it. So when I see her in person, I said tell me about the dress and when do I get to see it. Surprise.....she is not telling me about the dress, nor can I see it. I will have to wait until wedding day. WHAT??? are you kidding me? OMG it's a dress and she is not the Queen. (Sorry, a little forestation there.) Whatever!

Back to T, the best man - Ha he was told last night how the wedding party will be standing.
It will be J-the groom, BIL - brother of the bride and then T - brother of the groom. Needless to say this did not go over well with T. He told them that J was his brother, he was the best man and he would be standing beside his brother. The response is: well you will have to talk to the wedding director. HA HA HA! T says I don't need to talk to anyone. That's my brother and I am standing beside him. Now, remember T is the one who told me "it's their wedding they should be able to do what they want."

Wedding place - at the end of the month we are suppose to go to the beach and see the wedding place and what they have to offer. I was invited. Not sure why because I certainly have not been included in anything else. I get my information from T.

At this point, I don't believe I am going. What's the point?? It's their wedding they can do whatever they want. And perhaps I will be able to go the the wedding and see it all myself. Not sure how I have become the outsider suddenly, the G/F has nearly lived at out house for the last 3 yrs. I honestly have not be in their business, their adults and can make their own decisions. I have a difficult MIL and have been determined to not be that person. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday the doc was late and the work day finally ended for me at 7 pm, OUCH!! It was a busy, crazy and high maintenance afternoon / evening at the office. Finally its Saturday and I so look forward to the weekend. A little cleaning this am, haircut and then who knows. Hopefully a low key evening. It looks like its gonna be a beautiful day and I plan to take advantage of it.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


Friday, August 14, 2009

UGH!!!! UGH!!!

Yay, it's Friday - Woot!! So why the ugh??? The doc's late (surprise) and we want get started until 3 pm (if we are lucky), which puts me at home around 6ish pm............ON A FRIDAY!!!!!!!! On the flip side............. I do have a job and a very good job, great boss, great pay, great benefits. So whats the whining all about? I guess I am just being selfish today.

Don't even try to make me feel bad, I already did it to myself.


Thursday, August 13, 2009


I can't believe it's Thursday already. Where has the week gone? I remember when I was little my mom use to tell me that as you get older time goes faster. I always thought that was so silly. But, I am learning that it is so true. Of course, I also thought when my mom turned 30 that she was old. Ha! so not true - you are really just starting to live.

I am looking forward to a great day. We must make the best out of every opportunity we have, even if things don't always go our way. Right??

Hope you have a blessed day!

Live, Laugh, Love

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh joy :(

My oldest son, J, just called to let me know that he is applying for a new job tomorrow. Has talked with the company today and they are interested in him. UGHHHH!! It's driving a gas tanker. This makes me sad because it's a dangerous job. His Dad has been put charge of talking him out of it. As the mother, if I say anything then I am being a "MOM."

Do MOMS ever stop worrying about their children?? NO!! it's our job, right?

I'm so proud...

I am a HUGE Diet Coke fan!! And I do mean HUGE. I drink lots every day. Pondering on my headaches that continue, but not as bad as they were at one time and the fact that I can't seem to lose any weight - no will power, no exercise, I have decided to stop drinking Diet Coke. I have read that aspartame can cause headaches and of course even though it's "diet" can really help pack on the weight. This is a tough decision for me. BUT...(drumroll) yesterday I drank NO diet cokes. None, Zero, Notta!! YEY, I'm so proud of me. That is a huge accomplishment for me. I must admit my stomach doesn't seem as bloated today as it normally is. Can it be that Diet Coke was causing my bloatiness and aspartame causing some headaches? Of course I must go thru a period of caffeine withdrawal headaches :( I am thinking it will be worth it in the long run. So we will see if I can does. What am I drinking? Water, Water, Water and unsweetened tea.

Starting Day 2 Diet Coke free. Wish me luck!

Live, Laugh, Love

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today is my birthday and it is a wonderful day. I am spending the afternoon and evening with my hubby, my boys and their girlfriends..............we are camping at Lake Norman! What a beautiful day to be outside. It's gonna be a fun time.

Hope your weekend is going well :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm still around....

Last week we went to the beach with SIL, BIL and niece.....and no other inlaws, YAY! We had a great time, so relaxing. We did absolutely nothing but play in the sun and eat :)

This week at work the doc is gone, so it is paperwork catch up. I updated all of my OSHA paperwork - doesn't that sound exciting? I did have a little excitement yesterday at work. I am such an idiot sometimes. Anyway, I was flushing the eyewash station, which means the water needs to run thru the station for about 15 mins - not paying any attention and doing other things. Suddenly my co worker comes down the hall and says "OH NO, THERE'S WATER EVERYWHERE." Sure enough it was all over the counter, in the drawers and in the floor. You may have guess it - the stopper was in the sink so once the sink was full, the water went everywhere. Oh well, doing to do about it but clean it up and throw the stopper away :(

I am off today and going to get a facial and massage. So excited - I will not be worth a hoot after that.

I am looking forward to a great weekend. Plan to enjoy life outside and admire the beauty that God has given us.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend also!!

Live, Laugh, Love