Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh man what a day!! I am pooped. We were busy at work, some strange and weird happenings. We have had a lot days like that recently. Busy is good, I call that job security.

I am adjusting to changes in my life, slowly buy surely. My new motto is..............If I can't change it, whats the point in worrying about it? It seems to be working well for me. Also, I have been spending more time in prayer and relinquishing more to God. We do indeed have an awesome God!

This past Sunday we started studying Genesis in Sunday School. Interesting thoughts from SS class mates. We actually didn't get very far in the first Chapter of Genesis. Who knew there would be so much discussion. I am so excited about this study. One of the question that was ask is- if God made man, where did God come from?? Ok, personally I don't ponder on this to much. I just accept that God is and has always been. What about you? Any thoughts?

I am off to bed to read and then get a good nights sleep.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dear You.......

I will never understand why you feel the need to play dumb or tell little white lies or rearranged a circumstance to your advantage. It doesn't look nice on you! As my day goes along when you do these things, I become ill with you. Sometimes I say things I should not or think things I should not. Why do you do this? The only thing I can ever come up with is that you are always trying to make yourself look good and that you will do whatever it takes to accomplish that, even if it hurts someone else in the process. I wish you would just be yourself. Stop trying to make others look bad. It will come around to get you and is it going to be worth it. I doubt it!

One particular day as you were up to your shenanigans, God stepped in and answered my prayer. I had prayed that God would help me to keep my mouth shut and move on, over looking your shenanigans. Praise God he did! Later in the day, God again stepped in while my mind was thinking of you and your desperation of attention and told me that I should PRAY FOR YOU! What! Seriously? Wow, what was I to do? Of course I will listen to God.

So my friend full of shenanigans and desperation, I am praying for you as God has ask me to do. I am excited to see how God is going to work in your life. Oh have no doubt he is going to be working on you. My hope is that you will let him in and push the devil away.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Doc Appts

Yesterday I took the day off and filled it with doctor appointments. First off to the allergy doc. My very first visit to the allergy doctor. Lots of needle sticks, but it was so worth it to finally get some help. It was funny to find out that I am highly allergic to grass and advised to stay away from fresh cut grass (that's not gonna happen, especially since my yard is HUGE!) Allergic to oak trees, which I am surrounded by, oops! Anywho, new meds and in two weeks start my shots. Woot! Is it odd to be excited about taking shots?

On to the eye doctor office. I have new glasses and I cannot see out of them unless I raise my chin and look through the bifocal part. So I took them back and explained to the technician what was going on. She tried many adjustments, which obviously did not work and then calls on a gentleman to help me. Again we go through adjustments. At this point I am not sure what part of I can not see through the top part of my glasses they are not getting. The gentlemen holds up a card straight it front of me and says can you see that. Again, NO its blurring. He tells me to raise my chin, now can you see it. Yes I can! (because i am looking through the bifocal part). And he says.... "Well ok then there you go." hummmm, I am thinking and really trying to be nice and finally I say "I cannot walk around all day with my chin up in the air" and dufus says "Oh!" What an idiot! Finally I have to make another appointment to get my eyes check again. After reading my chart he discovers that my new lens are weaker than my old ones. Huh??? How does that work?? Needless to say I have to have another eye exam. Oh holy crap!!!

On to the next doc appointment to get my meds for headaches and the lovely ones that keeps me from wanting to hurt somebody. Great short visit. Yay!

It was a full day, but at least I did get to ride with my window down. Yay for sunshine and warm weather.