Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Precious Moments....

Wednesday I stayed with Mom while dad went to run a few errands. Mom was propped up in her bed with lots of pillows and cushions surrounding her knee that she just had surgery on. The TV was on and honestly I really don't remember what she was watching. After a little bit Mom said I think I will take a nap if that's ok with you. I said sure, I might just crawl up in that bed beside of you and take a nap also. She said that would be great. So that's just exactly what I did. I snuggled in beside of mom (being careful not to hit the knee) and covered with a really warm blanket. Mom actually did take a nap, I didn't sleep. I watched a little TV and did a little thinking of the old days and just enjoyed being all snuggled close to Mom - something that I had not done in years. It was a precious moment! We may grow up, but special times with Mom is always needed even when it is something so simple as snuggling.

And then last night we had family dinner. After dinner the boys stayed to play the Wii (Mario Brothers). They had a great time. It was fun listening to them laugh, play arguing of over who did this or who did that. I was in another room, but I could hear them and it brought me such joy and a smile on my face. Another precious moment!

I love those precious moments. It is amazing at how much they will warm your heart!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mom came home from the hospital yesterday, which was a day earlier than we thought. She had a rough ride home, but once she got home things settled down. Yesterday evening after work I picked Mom and Dad's dinner up for them and went to their house. Mom was lying in the bed, so we sit her up and she had dinner in bed. Once she was all finished, I laid in the bed with her and we just talked and watched TV. It was fun! I know you may think that is silly, but seriously to lay in the bed with my Mom and just be us was indeed a cherished moment. Don't get me wrong, I am truly sorry that she had to have surgery and is as they say "laid up for a while" but it was a much needed mother / daughter time. So needless to say, Mom is doing quite well.

Today it is beautiful here. The sun is shining and it is going to be around 60 degrees, Yay! I have a busy day ahead, church things, 2 birthday parties and some much needed cleaning and laundry to do. Oh yeah and a little time outside to soak up some Vit D.

I hope you have a wonderful day however you spend it.

Live, Laugh, Love

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yesterday my mother had to have knee revision, something that we all dreaded alot. She had her surgery in Asheville, which is a little more than 1 hour away from us. Since she had to be there at 5 am (yes really 5 am) we went to Asheville on Tuesday and spent the night. Dad and I felt that would be better for mom since she is quite a nervous person.

As I said we all dreaded this surgery because the last one was very difficult for her. Anywho, as most of you know nothing goes as planned, arrived at 5 am, surgery was to be at 7:15 am. started at 8:15 and was over around 10:10 am. Everything went well. As this point we are waiting on a room for her. They always tell you there are no available rooms, in truth they don't have enough nurses to cover. Mom stayed in regular recovery so we were not able to see her. I didn't like that part because I needed to see her for myself and decide how she was doing, but they don't really care how I think she is doing, rules are rules- and I get that. They were kind enough to call ever so often and let us know how she was.

Finally at 2:30 pm we get the call that she is going to her room. Again comes the dread of how she is going to do. Nobody wants to see their mother suffer. Much to my surprise she was smiling and that was totally awesome to me. She really did well during the surgery / recovery process.

I was so relieved and so was my dad. Lots and lots of prayers were said for mother and God answered those prayers. Praise God!!

Is it not awesome when your prayers are answered and God puts that little appreciative smile on your face and you offer those 2 little words to God - Thank You!

Talked with Mom this morning and she is still doing well and I am still thanking and praising God for answered prayers!!

Live, Laugh, Love

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Do you ever find yourself so frustrated with things that you allow the devil to work in you? And just as you have let the devil do his work through you, suddenly you realize what has happen and you are then upset with yourself for doing it? Well I find that the closer you try to be with God, the harder the devil works!!!!

Do you know people who take advantage of situations, who abuse the the system? Who use you to get what they want? People who don't really care how it affects you, they are only thinking of their self. This frustrates me! I allow it to upset me (devil working).

I over reacted to a situation recently, it was bad and afterwards I was not pleased with myself and I am sure that God was not either. So, this week when frustrating things have been happening to me, I have tried really hard to let it go, to relinquish all to God. I ask God to take it and deal with it, that I AM letting it go. And he does!!! When I truly let go I can then feel the peace in the situation. That is an awesome feeling. Now if I could only do it every time. Instead of being upset, I try to pray for myself and whom ever the situation involves. I try to react how God would want me to (not always easy for me). I truly believe that this will be an ongoing struggle for me, mostly because I am a stubborn person. (yes, really I am)

Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free. Psalm 118:5

Thank goodness he is still working on me!

Live, Laugh, Love